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​ASHRAE Chapter in Brazil WORKSHOP

Scope of the workshop: In this workshop the focus is devoted to discuss about the detection of VOCs, bacteria and fungi as pollutants in the indoor air from the sampling to the identification and quantification with real examples of real situations;


Topics of interest: 

Date:21th October, 2014.

Technical exhibition: The workshop will include exhibitions of some equipment used for air sampling.





Organizing Committee

Luciana Rodrigues Arantes / Fulvio Vittorino / Clélia Mendonça de Moraes

About IPT

IPT is an Institute related to Science, Technology and Economic Development Secretary of the state of São Paulo and for more than a hundred years it has been collaborating to the development process of the country, having important participation not only in critic times of our history, also in the industrialization process.

Attending to public sectors necessities that seek to increase the competitiveness along the companies and to provide quality of life.In our website, you will be able to access IPT's timeline and know more details of our journey. Considering one of the biggest research institutes in Brazil, IPT count on suitable laboratories and a team of researchers and highly capable technicians, acting basically in four great areas - innovation, research and development; technological services; development and metrological support and information and education in technology.

More information: http://www.ipt.br/

About São Paulo

Forged from a melting pot of nationalities, cultures, beliefs, philosophies and ideals, this huge and pioneering metropolis is truly cosmopolitan by vocation and choice. It s Italian, German, Jewish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, French, African, Arab, Spanish, Latino, Brazilian and Paulistano. These and so many other facets are reflected in the architecture of the buildings, the streets, the refined tastes of the city \'s culinary delights and in the styles and mannerisms of a people who never stop as they boldly create the city s history, day after day.

More information: www.cidadedesaopaulo.com or www.visitesaopaulo.com .


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Clélia Mendonça de Moraes

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Leônidas Albano


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